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Callinicum refight with Fantasy Rules!

For musing on Fantasy Rules! and deployment for Callinicum see here.

Note: Unlike my previous ruleset replays, this is the first game I've done with FR! so be gentle.

For other games I've deployed the battlelines 25cm apart, FR!TCE recommends 12" (30cm) deployment distance apart.  Light Cavalry has the same move distance in FR! as in Armati and Warrior Kings and I used 25cm separation in those games. I'll maintain the 25cm, just to be consistent, and it is a scenario after all.

The Persians will go first.

Deployment; Persians on the left.

Turn 1


Moved the Lakhmid Light cavalry ahead 5.  Also moved up the Elite cavalry and the Reserve cavalry so there is a nice diagonal line of Persian troops with the Lakhmids in front at one end.  All out of missile range of the Byzantines.

Moved the infantry forwards and some heavy cavalry in support of the infantry.

End of turn 1

Turn 2


The Lakhmid light cavalry charge the Ghassanid light cavalry. The Ghassanid's throwing weapons result in one demoralisation.  Lakhmid's throwing weapons result in 2 demoralisations.
An Elite heavy cavalry moves up to about 1" from the light infantry.  The rest of the diagonal wave of cavalry move up slightly and form a block of 4 to oppose the Byzantine block of 4, and angling a bit more to the left.  Now within missile range of some of the opposing cavalry.

The base CF for the Lakhmids is 3, while the Ghassanids is 2, but the Ghassanids get a +1 bonus for being charged, and both have stands with a -1 for demoralisation.
The result of the melees is the Ghassanid on the edge of the board is demoralised again and pushed back.  Otherwise, one Lakhmid received a demoralisation and one Ghassanid received a demoralisation.

View of the centre from the Persian side

Phase winner: The Persians (2 demoralisations) Vs Byzantines (3 stands demoralised/double demoralised). Morale clock is Persian 7, Byzantine 6.


Rally: no recoveries.
Firing: Gang up 2 missile Vs one opposition for the two blocks of facing heavy cavalry.  Managed to demoralise a Elite Persian heavy cavalry.

Demoralising is important - demoralised units cannot charge.

Moved the Skutatoi heavy infantry full distance.

Note sure what else to move - not familiar with the rules and melee effects.  Ah well - lets see how it all works!

Moved the Elite cavalry and the general into contact with opposing heavy cavalry.  Also moved some other heavy cavalry into the flank of the Persian cavalry and also a heavy cavalry to 'pin' an opposing heavy cavalry. I assume (not 100% clear) that the heavy cavalry that is flanked cannot countercharge as one of the charging units was outside its forward arc.

The charging and counter charging heavy cavalry get +2 charge bonus.  Also +1 for being armed with missile (although not stated that countercharging units get the missile bonus, countercharging units get the charge bonus so I assume units that are countercharged are counted as being charged.
The heavy cavalry are base CF4, the elite base CF5.
The elite charging the flanked unit gets +1 for the flanker.

Persian flanked unit double demoralised.  Cavalry follows up.
Persian unit opposed by general loses and is double demoralised.  Cavalry followup.

I think the Ghassanids are not going to fair so well in melee...and it wasn't so bad - the double demoralised stand was destroyed. The demoralised stands were double demoralised.  Lakhmids must followup.

Again, not clear in the rules but implied; I'm assuming that for determining the phase winner, you count new demoralised units.  Inflicted a demoralised result onto an already demoralised unit (resulting in a double demoralised unit) does not count towards determining the phase winner.

Phase winner: Byzantine.  Clock is Persian 6, Byzantine 6.

End of turn 2

Turn 3


Rally: The Lakhmid's demoralised result removed (rolled an 8 for both!), demoralised heavy cavalry successfully rally, the doubled demoralised heavy cavalry fail.
Firing: No result.  Even did some ganging up to no avail.

Far left Lakhmid turns to flank Ghassanid.
Elite heavy cavalry charge opposing light infantry and cavalry.  Light infantry throwing weapons no effect.  Byzantine cavalry counter charge.

Realise that maybe I should not just charge in but it is a learning game and there is not much room on the flanks.

One Byzantine Ghassanid destroyed, one Persian Lakhmid demoralised.
Light Infantry double demoralised and cavalry followup.
The two Persian Elite Cavalry facing two Byzantine cavalry result in one double demoralised stand each.
The battle with the two double demoralised Persian elite cavalry result in the routing of the Persian cavalry.  Byzantine cavalry followup.

Phase winner: Byzantines.  Morale clock now Persian 5, Byzantine 6.


Rally: All attempts unsuccessful.
Firing: All firing caused nothing.

Moved Elite heavy cavalry and another heavy cavalry to surround a Persian heavy cavalry.  Throwing weapons demoralise both charger and counter-charger.
One heavy cavalry makes it to the flank of a Persian elite heavy cavalry.

Ghassanid light cavalry destroyed (no surprises here).
Light infantry causes demoralisation on opposing heavy cavalry.
The two Persian elite cavalry facing the two Byzantine cavalry resulted in each of the double demoralised stands being destroyed (one each side).
The surrounded Persian heavy cavalry is destroyed.

Phase winner: Byzantines.  Morale clock now Persian 4, Byzantine 6.

End of turn 3

Turn 4


Rally: Rallied off a heavy cavalry demoralisation.
Firing: All firing caused nothing.

Two Lakhmid light cavalry surround the light infantry while the third moves as far as it can round the back of the light infantry.
The Elite heavy cavalry with the general (doesn't count as a move against the morale clock limit) turns and charges a heavy cavalry in the flank.  Enemy unit turns to face but cannot counter charge.
The heavy cavalry group facing the heavy infantry decide to oblique movement with two of them and charge one end of the heavy infantry line with one heavy cavalry making it to the flank.  The heavy infantry will have only +1 in support.  Interesting game tactic.
That is the 4 allowed moves (plus the move with the general).  I like the effect of the Morale clock.

Light infantry destroyed.  Not unexpected.
Elite heavy cavalry with general destroys opposing heavy cavalry.  It over-pursues, is demoralised and charges into another heavy cavalry.
The heavy cavalry attacking the heavy infantry loses the melee and is demoralised.
Phase winner: Persians.  Morale clock is Persians 4, Byzantines 5.


Rally: All fail.
Firing: Demoralises a heavy cavalry.
Move: Only move is move the heavy cavalry stands on the left flank to contact the Persian heavy cavalry in melee with the heavy infantry.  One of them is demoralised and so cannot charge - it simply moves out the way.

The Byzantine heavy cavalry that was contacted due to over-pursuit is double demoralised.
The General and Elite heavy cavalry cause a double demoralisation on opposing Persian heavy cavalry but it cannot be pushed back due to the infantry at its back and so is destroyed.
The other Elite heavy cavalry manages to also cause a double demoralisation (outscoring by only 1 the opposing Persian cavalry).  The unit was already demoralised so it is destroyed.

Phase winner: Byzantines.  Morale clock now Persians 3, Byzantines 5.
Persian Morale clock now at 3: Persians must demoralise 1/4 remaining units.  Persians currently have six units and demoralise two of the Light Cavalry.

 End of turn 4

Turn 5

Rally: One light cavalry is undemoralised.
Firing: Nothing.
Move: Moved some of the light cavalry and an Elite heavy cavalry on the left flank of the field.
Melee: Destroyed the Byzantine heavy cavalry facing the elite heavy cavalry and general.
Phase winner: Persians. Morale clock now Persians 3, Byzantines 4.

Rally: No effect.
Firing: Nothing.
Move: Moved the heavy infantry and an elite heavy cavalry to attack the Persian heavy cavalry on the left flank.  Persian turns to face the elite heavy cavalry that contacted on the side.
Melee: The only melee is as a result of the move.  The Persians lose. They are already demoralised and so are destroyed. Cavalry pass a rally roll and so do not over-pursue.
Phase winner: Byzantines. Morale clock now Persians 2, Byzantines 4.

Turn 6

Rally: Removed demoralised from Elite heavy cavalry.
Firing: Demoralised an Elite heavy cavalry.
Move:  The Elite heavy cavalry with the general charges the Byzantine Elite heavy cavalry just demoralised in firing.  A Light cavalry also charges the flank.  With the last movement allowed, the Persians move the other elite heavy cavalry closer to the action.
Melee:  The Byzantine elite heavy cavalry loses melee and destroyed.  Persian heavy cavalry passes rally roll and does not over-pursue.
Phase winner: Persians . Morale clock now Persians 2, Byzantines 3.
Byzantine morale now at 3: Byzantine must now demoralise 1/4 or remaining stands (one of five stands) - demoralises a Skutatoi heavy infantry.

Rally: no effect.
Firing: Nothing to fire at.

About faced the Skutatoi heavy infantry (i.e. 180 degrees).
About faced the Elite heavy cavalry with general and moved slightly forwards.
About faced the demoralised heavy cavalry and retreated (can't charge and was just in range of a Persian unit).
Melee: None.
Phase winner: No phase winner

End of turn 6

Turn 7

Rally: no effect.
Firing: Nothing in range.
Move: Rearranged the cavalry near the Byzantine Skutatoi to get them together.
Melee: None.
Phase winner: no phase winner

Rally: A cavalry stand is undemoralised.
Fire: An elite heavy cavalry is just in range of a Persian stand...but misses.
Move: Rearranged cavalry and wheeled the Skutatoi heavy infantry.
Melee: None.
Phase winner: no phase winner

End of turn 7

Turn 8


Rally: No effect.
Firing: no effect.
Move: Elite heavy cavalry charges a cavalry that then counter charges.  General comes too.  Other move is to about face the other elite heavy cavalry.
Melee: Only melee has no effect (scores were equal).  Oops - pinning hopes on a result here and possible morale clock reduction.
Phase winner: no phase winner

Rally: none.
Firing: no effect.
Move: Wheeled the Skutatoi heavy infantry again.  Charged a cavalry with general into the flank of the Persian elite heavy cavalry already in melee.  Now have a General and stand versus general and stand.  It seems to happen a lot in my refights.
Melee: Byzantines win and Persian double demoralised and pushed back.
Phase winner: Byzantine. Morale clock now Persians 1, Byzantines 3

End of turn 8

Turn 9

Rally: Double demoralised cavalry in melee rallies.
Firing: No effect
Move: An Elite heavy cavalry rotates and manages to charge the Byzantine elite heavy cavalry (with general) in the flank.  Enemy doesn't turn but now the Persian has an advantage of a +1 for a flanker.
Melee: Persians lose and are double demoralised and pushed back.

 General on General

Phase winner: Byzantine. Morale clock Persians 0, Byzantines 3

End of game as Persian morale clock is 0.

End of game position

Byzantines have lost 330 points so Persian score is 330.
Persians have lost 360 points of units and their morale clock is 0 so Byzantine score is 360+50 (for Persian morale clock)=410.
Difference is less than 100 so marginal victory to the Byzantines.

The game went on longer than I am used to.  Not longer in time, but longer in that it carried on until there were few stands left.  Normally the game is over when 50% or so are gone (this is an artifact of the other rules or I applied that rule).  But these rules are fun and fast.  They are simple but not simplistic - there is distinctive troop types and diverse tactical options.  While the flanking of stands occurred often - and with my Armati background flanking is death - it was not as bad as I expected ad worked fine.  Troops have limited movement options, which I like. The morale clock didn't dictate command and control too much until the end game but it worked fine.  I would play this again.  The results 'felt' right. Fast and plays fine on a 2'x2' (though I would potentially use less troops to provide some flanks and also possibly reduce the morale clock to 6/3 to account for the smaller board). In my opinion, unmodified (except for troop types), Fantasy Rules! is an excellent fast play historical rule set.

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