Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Callincum refight - deployment - with Armati 2

Did a refight using Armati 2 Intro rules. I do use some of the amendments proposed by the Armati yahoo group: +1 for rear firing and braced infantry denying impetus (the latter a lot more useful in Intro as you don't need to use 2 stands to deny impetus).  I use the original break-off rules.  The last change is that Armati Intro uses a ruler that is a 1/3 of the full scale game so 1" in the rules is really 1/3 of an inch.  I use centimetres instead of a 1/3 inch.  This is about a 20% increase for distance and wheels.  But makes the game easier.  I used to use special rulers but can't be bothered anymore.

Here is a photo of the board from the Persian side with the initial deployments  The line marking the start of the gentle hill is marked with black thread.

Callinicum deployment from Persian side

Persian units (right  to left flank):
Lakhmid Light cavalry
Heavy cavalry (FV5)
Heavy cavalry reserve (FV4)
Heavy cavalry (FV4)

Byzantine units (left to right as per the image above)
Ghassanid Light cavalry
Light infantry
Heavy cavalry (FV4)
Heavy cavalry (FV5)
Heavy cavalry (FV4)
Skutatoi Heavy infantry

I have a fair few armies and haven't painted anything in about 8 years.  The Sassanid Persians are Sassanid Persians, but the Byzantines will look like Late Romans.  Also, the Arab allies will look like Huns (for the Lakhmids) and Indians (for the Byzantines).  If I was more organised, I should have painted up the correct figures.  But my time is short and I would prefer the rules comparisons.  Maybe for the next scenario after Callinicum.  The painting quality of the figures varies and about half my figures were painted by someone else.

Straight after deployment, I realised that I may have been a little too generous in the divisions, so I reduced the Heavy Divisions allowance for the Persians to 3.  also in hindsight, I should have decreased the heavy division allowance of the Byzantines to 3 as well.  It is likely that the infantry would best have been served as an uncontrolled division.

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