Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Callinicum Armati 2 forces

I'll be playing in 15mm using 40mm frontage for bases.  Here are the force lists I will be using for the first replay:

Sassanian Persian CR: H:4; L:1; BP:6; Init:7
3 Sassanian Cavalry HC 5(1)0 +2 Lance/Bow
6 Sassanian Cavalry HC 4(1)0 +1 Lance/Bow
3 Lakhmid Cavalry LC 2(0)0 +1 Various

Byzantine CR: H:4; L:2; BP:6; Init:6
3 Skutatoi FT 5(1)1 +1 Spears/Bow
4 Heavy cavalry  HC 4(1)0 +1 Swords/Bow
2 Heavy cavalry HC 5(1)0 +1 Lance/Bow
1 Issaurian infantry  LI 4(1)2 +1 Javelin
3 Ghassanid cavalry LC 1(0)0 +1 Various

For interest here is the thinking behind the lists:

The Persian side should be easier to figure out.  With the battlefield being 60cm wide and each base being 4cm, this means end to end I could fit 15 bases.  With the map in the SOA battle pack showing 3 units in front and one in reserve, this means each unit could be 3 or 4 bases in width.  [There are gaps in the Persian a line and also the Byzantine force is wider than the Persian frontage so 5 bases per units fills up the table end to end which is no good.] At 4 bases per unit, this gives a total (including the reserve force) of 16 bases in 4 units.  This size of force is one that would be of sufficient point size to be deployed on a standard into board (32"x20").  So too large - and the idea is to produce a quicker game with Armati by reducing board AND force size.  So we will call it 3 bases per unit.  I will think on divisions and initiative after figuring out the Byzantine force.

The first cut for the Persian force (based on the Armati Sassanid Army List but works just as well with the Warflute Later Sassanid 531AD-622AD):

3 Sassanian Cavalry HC 5(1)0  +2  Lance/Bow
6 Sassanian Cavalry HC 4(1)0  +1 Lance/Bow
3 Lakhmid Cavalry LC 2(0)0  +1 Various

[Oh no - 12 elements - maybe I should rethink not looking at DBA ;-)]

The Byzantine force fills most of the frontage.  Based on the numbers of soldiers in each unit, my first cut -using the Early Byzantine list - is something like:

7,000 infantry: 3 FT 5(1)1 +1 Spears/Bow
4,000 heavy cavalry: 2 HC 4(1)0 +1 Swords/Bow
4,000 heavy cavalry - 3,000 as above and 1,000 well armoured heavy cavalry with spear, bow and sidearms: 2 HC 5(1)0 +1 Lance/Bow
4,000 heavy cavalry: 2 HC 4(1)0 +1 Swords/Bow
2,000 Issaurian light infantry: 1 LI 4(1)2 +1 Javelin
5,000 Ghassanid light cavalry: 3 LC 2(0)0 +1 Various

14 units which fills almost all the frontage.  For a first cut this is not too bad.  But there is an issue: the Ghassanid LC ran away from the more experienced Lakhmid LC.  Currently they are equal in number of units and quality.  While I could make a few of the Lakhmid veteran, a simpler option may be to downgrade the Ghassanid to 1(0)0.  So I'll do that.

For control ratings and initiative the Byzantines were on the poorer side for this battle (see the Battle pack for reasons).  A Sassanian CR of H:4, L:1 fits nicely with deployment and allows for one unit of heavy cavalry to be more maneuverable. An Initiative of 6 allows 3 splits and is the same Initiative rating as the army list from Warflute.  For the Byzantines, a CR of H:4 L:2 allows for a divisional split along unit lines.   A Byzantine initiative of 6 should reflect the poor command and control shown during the battle as what otherwise would be expected (They have an initiative of 8 in the army lists).

All units except the LI I will key.  Breakpoints will be the number of key units divided by 2.  This gives 6 for both sides.

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