Saturday 15 June 2024

Operation Jupiter 18 - Maltot Under Siege. 20mm ww2 game


This is game 18 in replaying the scenarios from the Briton Publishers Operation Jupiter skirmish scenario book.   Links to previous games are on this blog page.

Rules used

I am using a variant of my 4x3 grid rules without grids and sections are 3 person units rather than 1 base.  But mostly the same.  I did play this scenario out with the rules but they were too brutal (no cover bonus in a building if moved into it).  So I have changed them a little and now if within 3” are fighting in melee but have all cover modifiers. And also activation is now (mainly) 2 section/vehicle per side per player turn.


Each side has 8 turns to control the objective building. Control means no unsuppressed units occupy the interior structure.

The scenario calls for an urban layout so rather than use a large table I am opting to set the game up on a 2’x2’ table.



1 Platoon HQ

    1 figure

    1 2" mortar

    1 PIAT team

2 Sections

    3 figures

3 Universal Carriers (enough to carry the infantry assuming 3 figs per carrier)

1 x Achilles (M10)

1 X Churchill VII

British are all regular


1 Zug HQ

    1 figure

2 Gruppe

   3 figures (with panzerfausts)

2 Halftracks for transport (to carry the infantry)

2 x Tiger I

Germans are all regular, except the Tigers that are Veteran.


The objective building and table edges of entry


British get to move first and move on a Churchill and a section of infantry (via the Brens). They have taken the objective building.

British have taken the objective

The Germans move on two Gruppe.  The Gruppe is the buildings are with 3” of the objective occupied by the British.

Germans move on two Gruppe

The Germans fire and suppress one of the figures.  The British return fire and 1 figure is KO.

 The British move on the second section into the edge of the woods and the Company HQ into another building at the T-intersection to provide support for the objective.  The British fire at the Germans again in the building and suppress one.

The remaining British infantry enter the battlefield

The german turn is an event.  A random 81mm attack on the objective building but no effect.  The Tiger enters the battle and fires at the Churchill but misses.  The Gruppe and Brits continue to exchange fire that sees another British figure suppressed.

Tiger enters.


The British in the objective building unsuppress.  The Churchill hits the Tiger but for no effect. The British and Germans exchange fire and the Germans are all suppressed and so retreat.  The Germans in the forest move into the building just vacated by the other German Gruppe.  The second Tiger enters.  Lots of firing for no effect.

View from the German entry point

The British section in the forest move up to also be able to attack the building.  They are successful and the British manage to suppress all the Germans in the building forcing them to retreat.  The British advance and take that building.  The tanks are surprising ineffective with lots of shots missing.

British take control of another building

The British section manage to rout some Germans behind the wall.  Even though the Germans in the building manage to unsuppress (with one routing) it is not enough.  Time has passed and the Germans are unable to occupy the building so retire.

British successful in defending the building



The rules are working well. I have had this table setup in the map drawers for 2 years – have been dithering over rules to use. Finally I have played a game!  It was good to use the 20mm forces again – I have great fondness for them and likely my favourite scale and period to play.  The rules are the ww3x4 with some minor changes for no grids and also using the activation system from another older ruleset of mine (ww2 on a 12x12 grid) rules that seemed to be better than activating by squares.  Basically roll a die and usually 2 units can activate.  Needs more testing but is fine so far for only a few units and a 2’x2’ table.  There are another 6 or 7 scenarios to play out on the same layout so hoping to keep using these rules for them.


  1. Excellent! Nice to see the 3x4 rules in action again. I also like larger scale figures, although my particular tipple is 15mm, which is quite large enough.

    1. 6mm are nice as I can play with a decent force on a 2'x2' table (or a small force on an a4 sheet). But I do like 20mm, even if I am biased as that is what I played for many many years (as did you until going the 15mm route :-)) and so is my "comfort" scale for ww2 :-) And I have a fair bit of it and too lazy to start in another scale!

  2. Nice battle report ⚔️⚔️👏👏

  3. Looks and sounds good, Shaun!

    1. Thanks Aaron. Hopefully can get in a few more of these small scenarios in the coming months.

  4. Looks nice...and bloody!

    1. Thanks Phil. With small forces on each side it does not take long for one side to be decimated!