WW2 6mm replays with different rules

6mm rules testing
I have acquired and paid for many WW2 rules over the years.  When I bought my 6mm stuff in 2010, it was to try out some of them designed for teams/squads.  But I went back and used Take Cover!! and then moved on to using some home grown rules based on Take Cover!!  So I thought it is time to play with a few of the rulesets I own but have never played.  Rules were written not only for reading,  they are for playing too!  My aim is to use the Skirmish Campaign book Russia '43 Red Guards at Kursk and convert the scenarios to make more sense for infantry squads/teams rather than individuals.  I may digress and use other scenarios. Note: I am planning to use Normandy '44-Red Devils of the Orne with 20mm Red Devils figures I acquired a few years ago and test out other rules I own that better suited to skirmish.

Below are the rules I will be testing in a possible order of playing.  These were selected based on
  • I have not played them
  • sound very interesting
  • have really wanted to play
  • should work with team/squad based infantry.
When I run out of this list, I have another 10 or so that are on a lower priority list, and another 10 on an even lower list.  The rest I have a feeling I may never get to.  As at early 2014, I have managed to play 27 ancient rules that I own over 4 years, so around 30 WW2 sets could be achievable.

I will post links next to the rules as I play the games.

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