Saturday, 28 February 2015

Operation Jupiter Game 04 - Wicked Wyverns

This is game 4 is replaying the scenarios from the Briton Publishers Operation Jupiter skirmish scenario book (Lulu PDF link).  I am replaying them on a 4.5'x5' table using 20mm, my own Advance to Cover rules and a figure scale of 1 figure = 1 section.  Background on why I am playing these is at the start of the first game post.

Three German snipers are around the farm complex.  A company of British troops need to fish them out and take control of the farm

I was thinking of skipping this as it is three snipers versus 14 figures.  But then I thought, what better way to test out my rules.  With only three snipers on one side, will the sniper rules work fine?  The answer was yes.  So I am glad I played the game.


The British forces.
1 Battalion HQ
     3 figures + 1 sniper
1 Company:
      1 CO and 9 figures

The Germans.  All 3 snipers.
3 snipers
1 offboard 88mm flak battery with 2 missions.
Note: the 88mm flak has direct line of sight to most of the British end of the table and can fire when activated.

Sniper locations.  Note the one on the left cannot actually be seen in the picture.  In fact, as I wrote this up weeks after playing, I am guessing it was about here!
German snipers were setup not knowing how the British were to advance.  I put them in the trees so I could allow them to have line of sight over the walls.  This is the same table as scenario 3.  I thought is was supposed to be the same place by the picture in the scenario book, but it isn't!  The setup is very similar though, so no harm done.

The British decide to advance though the wheatfields down their left, and send one platoon (3 figures) down their right.

There is not much to this game from a photo side other than the slow disintegration of the British forces as they advance.
A sniper can fire as far out as a MMG and with the same dice (3). However, they may only target one figure.  The three dice is to simulate the morale effect they had, rather than killing power.  Also, to spot a sniper at greater than 18" is a 4+ and there are only a few snipers to spot, and a unit can spot once per activation.
The British advance immediately into fire from the 88mm.  Two British figures are down already from the leading company.  The snipers fire and miss and remain unspotted.

The British advance.  Battalion HQ to the rear (on the left), two platoons (minus 2 figures killed by the 88) top middle.  Another platoon on the other side of the road to the lower right.
Two snipers focus on the single platoon on the British right and two British figures are gone.  The one remaining one spots the sniper! But this lone British figure is killed by return sniper fire.  

The lone survivor on the British right after his two mates bail.  He is subsequently killed by further sniper fire but he managed to reveal the sniper before going.
 The flak 88mn strikes for the second and last time and takes out another two figures. The company is suppressed (cannot fire on next activation).  Icing on the cake and the German snipers take out another figure from the company.  All that is left is the company commander who survives the requisite morale check.  So far, Germans have destroyed 9 figures and the British have revealed one sniper.  The British Battalion HQ spots a second sniper and kills him. The British sniper kills the other spotted sniper.  Things are looking better for the British.

The remaining British.  The lone survivor of the company is top right, the Battalion sniper is at the back on the left.  The three centre figures are the rest of Battalion HQ.

The remaining German sniper takes out the company commander.  With the company gone, the only unit left on the table is the Battalion HQ.  A force morale check is taken and the British decide to retreat.  A good decision.  I am not sure pressing on would have achieved anything other than more British deaths.

The British head for the wall, ready to retreat along it.

The remaining sniper, never spotted, in his tree.
I was thinking of skipping this scenario.  How exciting could it be - three snipers versus a company advancing?  But it was actually quite tense.  Will the British manage to spot and kill the snipers before they take their toll?   In this case, the British retreat but a few different dice rolls and they would have made it.  I was engaged every activation. A great scenario that worked really well with my rules so that is a good sign that the rest of Operation Jupiter will as well!


  1. I think it would make for a great solo scenario. The snipers don't have much to do except shoot so they are the "AI" side. The other side, of course, are the "human" player with plenty of variation on strategy. Another good report Shaun!

    1. There have been a few comments elsewhere that it sounds like an interesting scenario. I had not thought of the solo aspect as it was played solo anyway!