Sunday, 23 November 2014

NUTS Comic WW2 battle report - North of Cheux 2 Normandy Game 03

This is the third game in a short campaign following a British section post D-Day.

I am using my streamlined version of the NUTS! rules and 20mm figures on a 2'x2' table and am halving all distances in the rules. The terrain generation is from Platoon Forward and the wound effects and random events are based on Patrol:WW2.  The writeup is using Comic Life.

I am loosely basing the campaign on the journey of the British 7th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment of the 43rd (Wessex) Division in 1944.  28-2 July 1944 saw many patrols and a few German stragglers captured.   

It is my third game with NUTS! and I did some streamlining to the rules after game 1, mainly converting it to single d6 rolls but it is still mostly NUTS!  This game has the 8 members of the section patrolling once again.


Click on the picture for a larger image.

Another fun game.  I think these rules are great at capturing low level skirmishes like this.  Still takes over an hour and the writeup is longer than normal doing them in Comic Life. Due to the interactions and the chaos on the battlefield, I cannot really stop this game at a certain point and come back to it later.  It does not really lend itself to it.  I am used to playing in smaller stints than over an hour at a time.  I am going to stop doing these for a while and get back to other projects.


  1. I love the comic book style AARs and the retro figures. I've never played NUTS and I doubt I will (Chain of Command is my skirmish ruleset of choice) but it's good to hear your impressions of it and to see (sort of) how it works.

    1. Thanks Michael. for 5-10 figures, NUTS! is very solo friendly - you never know what is going to happen. I do not think I would play it with more figures (though it is designed to do so) and would turn to another ruleset such as CoC.