Sunday, 16 November 2014

20mm WW2 West Front 1944 battle with 9 year old (3rd one)

The 9 year old that I have played a few games of 20mm WWII asked for a game over the school holidays while he was staying over for the day.  How could I say no?  The weather was going to be great so I thought why not play outside where the light will be perfect.  If we are to play outside, I could use the entire table tennis table when I usually use half of it.  My first game on a full table tennis table in nearly 10 years.  I was amazed on the quality of the photos I took compared to the ones normally taken inside and at night – amazing what a lot of natural light can do!

The rules are the same I used for the last two games against him - a slightly modified version of my own rules that uses more dice rather than die modifiers, see here.

I did not choose a scenario but wanted to use some Brits so chose September 1944.  It was to be an engagement scenario as there was not that much time.  Next time I will get into more of an attacker/defender battle. While setting out the table I realised I do not have enough terrain for a 9’x5’.  Neither the amount of roads I want, and definitely not enough trees!  My mantra has always been “you can never have enough trees” and I proved it with this setup.

A composite view of the entire 9'x5' table, Brits enter from the bottom
The objectives across the centre.
The objectives were to hold the crossroads and the T intersection in the centre, the church of the British right, and the road corner on the British left.

The British left. The Germans focussed on the centre and this flank
The British right, the British gave a good showing on this side. 
I selected what felt about right, and not too much so the table did not feel cramped.  For instance, there was only 4 tanks on each side.  I think it worked quite well not having so many troops, it allowed for some manoeuvre.  

4 PanzerIVJ
3 12 figure units (incules 3 MMGs), in 9 half tracks
1 75mm AT gun + half track tow
1 Kubel Wagon
1 Motorcycle

I have always wanted to use a full contingent of Carriers – I have been collecting them over the years.
13 Carriers (carrier platoon) with 3xLMGs (2 crew), 3x2" mortars (2 crew) and 18 riflemen
1 truck platoon (1 MMG, 8 riflemen, 3 trucks)  
1 Firefly
3 Shermans

The Game
The centre, where the objectives were, was where a lot of the action was.  I have split the report into Centre, left and right as it is easier to follow.

The Centre
The German forces enter down the centre road.
The British response along a wide front.
Due to some good cards, the Germans get to the centre first and begin to setup for defence.
A little further to the British centre right, the Germans have managed to get a foothold.  They have occupied all of the building on their side of the village.  The British have not got to a building yet. 
Two carrier sections race up in the centre to get to the village before the Germans occupy all of it.
The British, due to some good activations, make in to the village.  The infantry behind the buildings are in them,  You can just see the PanzerIVs at the rear of the photo.  Note the line of sight to the Sherman - the Sherman is KO'd next turn! The infantry fared better, and managed to inflict a lot of damage across the roads into the German occupied houses.
The British left
The Germans, keeping the initiative going, get to the objective on the British left and take over the objective with good backup forces.
A carrier platoon moves into the wood opposite.
The view from the German side (the carriers have been removed as I tend to remove trucks etc once they have unloaded.  The British have a Sherman, the Germans have no armour on this side. They do have an Anti-tank gun on this flank, but not in a position to fire at the Sherman.  The Sherman did rout a few Germans, but then they stayed out of sight and the Sherman was just a minor deterrent from then on.
The first thing to note is the lack of British infantry in the foreground woods.  All gone.  Two activations of fire by the Germans took their tool and they were drastically reduced and then routed.  But the Germans are substantially reduced as well.  The Germans also reallocated a PanzerIV to help on this flank.  This is important as the British have one last unit that is coming around the far left (off to the left of this picture.
And here is the flanking British infantry running through the woods to the Germans. 
And here is the PanzerIV overruning the last of the British on the left flank.  The Germans hold the objective, but only with about 1/2 the units they started with on this flank..
The British right
The British send the trucks to occupy the hill with the church.  They took a few turns to get there, but the Germans had been lax and not sent anything on this flank.  The church hill overlooks the village so it is a good spot for the British.
The Sherman is gone.  The British successfully advance across the hill, heading towards the woods in the centre of the picture.
The Germans move some units in the woods for defense, but there are more British than Germans.  It proves to be deadly for both sides.
End Game

The British are hanging on in the woods, and the Germans are getting the worst of it.  The sherman manages to damage a PanzerIV.
The german infantry in the village has just about gone so a small unit moves up under the cover of a PanzerIV.  But unluckily into the range of the Sherman Firefly that has hung back all game.  First shot - gone!
The Firefly
Another PanzerIV falls.  The Germans infantry ran away from the village.  The Germans have lost a fair few of their units, fail an force morale check and retreat to fight again another day. 
The rules are holding up just fine.  And I won.  Against a nine year old I know, but I lost the first two games I played against him!  He is now ten since I played this in July and we have penciled in Christmas to play again.


  1. Well, it's about time Old Man! Are there any more unwritten battle reports to look forward to? Lord knows I'm looking forward to them.


    1. One more - NUTS skirmish on 2'x2' with 20mm. Played this around the same time. Busy with work and have not felt like writing them up until now. It is coming soon(ish)!