Monday, 1 March 2021

East Front 1943 Salkov Campaign, Mission 02. 6mm WW2 on a small table


This is mission 2 in a small campaign I am doing to get in some 6mm WW2 games.  I am using a variant of Platoon Forward to generate the missions and opposing forces.  I  started with a Russian green company and they are still all green. While the game narrative is all handcrafted, the mission status may seem a little dry as I am using a spreadsheet to keep track of the Company and also to generate the missions.  Second game in and I change from my own rules to give the recently released Rapid Fire Reloaded a go.


It is 1943 and a USSR infantry force is attacking a German infantry force. The USSR mission is a hasty attack.

The advancing forces have come up against an enemy position that needs to be cleared.

The terrain is mixed, with some wire deployed:

Key building | Woods |Light woods

Hill | Light woods |Light woods

Open, road | Orchard |Key building

Primary Objective (1) - Key Building

Victory is to capture the primary objective. Lose if do not capture the objective.

Major Victory is achieved if capture objectives with minimal casualties. Minor Victory if capture objective but take major casualties.

The USSR force enters in zones 7-9. The German force deploys in zones 1-6.

The USSR has green morale for its nine sections and four leaders. Support includes MMG, 2x75mm gun.

Available indirect support is 2x82mm.

The German has regular morale for its five sections and one leader. They start dugin. Support includes MMG + tank hunters + Heavy Tank .

The battlefield

Note: I am treating Light Woods as soft cover but visibility is 24 into Light Woods for moving units.

USSR Forces


1 full Company.

CoHQ Ldr (Salkov)

1st Plt Ldr (Formin), 1st Plt 1st Section (Amelin), 1st Plt 2nd Section (Vetrov), 1st Plt 3rd Section (Yeltsin)

2nd Plt Ldr (Shulgin), 2nd Plt 1st Section (Zimkov), 2nd Plt 2nd Section (Bogrov), 2nd Plt 3rd Section (Letov)

3rd Plt Ldr (Tokarev), 3rd Plt 1st Section (Milyokhin), 3rd Plt 2nd Section (Perov), 3rd Plt 3rd Section (Slobozhanin)


2x75mm AT Gun + tows

2x82mm mortar in indirect support.

German Forces


1 Zug HQ

   5 Gruppe

   1 MMG

   1 tank hunter team

1 Tiger I

All regular morale


Where to defensively deploy the Germans?  I usually just set most of them up and then for a few have an occasional die roll to choose between some likely spots.  I may need to go think more on a plan more along the lines of Platoon Forward of allocating units to cards and allocating cards to locations.  Not for this game though – I want to play and not spend even more time tinkering.

The Germans have ended up with a defence centred around the building.  There is not really a reserve – the units of the hill could be a reserve if the Russians attack through the heavy woods, and if attacking via the hill the woods is the reserve.  The Tiger is a sort of reserve – will depend on the Russian line of attack.

German deployment

The Russians have it really hard in this game.  While they have a 2:1 advantage, they are green and so not great with morale tests.  They do have indirect support and in this game will need to use it to be able to win.  I think they will come around the right flank using the buildings and woods as cover. 

Rules used (a change)

I have been playing using my own rules for quite a few years. For this game I am playing using Rapid Fire Reloaded (RFR). I have already had one game with 20mm forces and hopefully can use RFR rules for the campaign.  For this game I am using 1 base = 1 squad = 2 RFR figures (so a base needs two casualties to be routed.  RFR is similar to rules I used 10-20 years ago - Take Cover!! - and my rules are derived from Take Cover!! So hopefully RFR can be the ruleset I can use, with only minor tinkering I am sure will be coming!  And converting inches to centimetres.


The Russians move on the table.  It is weird - playing games for so long that are limited activation and now going straight to an IGO-YGO with no limits on the number of units that can move!

The Russians have moved 1st platoon (Formin) to in front of the orchards, 2nd platoon (Shulgin) leading; 3rd  platoon (Tokarev) and Salkov (Company HQ) are in front of the buildings.  The MMG is currently amongst the buildings but will move forwards as the infantry advances.  The AT guns are  heading for the edge of the orchards, once Formin has scouted in front to see that it is OK.

Russian entry.

The German MMG opens up on Formin’s platoon and Amelin’s section routs.

MMG opens fire!

Vetrov and Yeltsin move their two remaining 1st platoon sections in a race for the woods – smack bang into the Gruppe at the edge of the words!  Well, there goes the plan of stopping at the woods to call in the mortars.  The Gruppe is eliminated at the cost of Vetrov’s section. Formin’s platoon is down to one section but they pass their morale test.

Russians 1st platoon runs into a Gruppe

The ATguns have unlimbered and the 2nd and 3rd platoons continue to the far side of the woods.

Rest of company continues advances on the right flank

The German pour fire from the hill into the remnants of the Formin’s platoon – Yeltsin’s section - but do no damage whatsoever.    

Formin calls in the mortars that hit their target and rout the Gruppe supporting the MMG.  They also suppress the MMG (this rule borrowed from Rapid Fire for infantry under indirect fire). The AT guns open up on the MMG with HE but for no effect.

Gruppe gone, MMG suppressed.

The Russians continue to pour fire into the MMG but (amazingly poor dice rolls) fail to inflict anything. The MMG is unsuppressed and fires at Formin and Yeltsin’s section and they rout.  1st platoon is no longer in the battle.

The 1st platoon, just before routing.

Shulgin’s 2nd platoon make it to the edge of the woods to the right of the building.  They are spotted by the Germans who open fire on them from the building, the MMG and the Tiger.

Advancing Russians, the lead elements are spotted.

Only one of Sulgin’s platoon section’s  is routed (Zimkov’s), and the entire platoon is pinned.  Shulgin calls in the mortars but no effect.   Tokarev and his third platoon moves to the edge of the wood.  As does Salkov with the Company HQ.

The second and third platoon at the edge of the wood.

The Russians pour fire into the building – mortars, ATguns, Shulgin’s 2nd platoon, Tokarev’s 3rd platoon and Salkov.  They manage to eliminate two Gruppe and the Zug commanding officer.  The Germans check morale and out off the table.  The Russians have reached their objective!

The last German Gruppe in the building

Post battle

The mission resulted in a major victory.

Company HQ Salkov survived the battle.

1st Platoon Leader Formin bailed with others during the battle.

     1st section OK, leader Amelin OK.

     2nd section OK, leader Vetrov OK.

     3rd section lost many and is full of replacements, leader Yeltsin OK.

2nd Platoon Shulgin survived the battle.

    1st section lost many and is full of replacements, leader Zimkov OK.

    2nd section OK, leader Bogrov OK.

    3rd section OK, leader Letov OK.

3rd Platoon Tokarev survived the battle.

    1st section OK, leader Milyokhin OK.

    2nd section OK, leader Perov OK.

    3rd section OK, leader Slobozhanin OK.

Company status

Zimkov: Leader Salkov, morale Green, experience 4.

1st Plt Ldr: Formin, morale Green, experience 4.

1st Plt 1st Section: Leader Amelin, morale Green, experience 4.

1st Plt 2nd Section: Leader Vetrov, morale Green, experience 5.

1st Plt 3rd Section: Leader Yeltsin, morale Green, experience 0.

2nd Plt Ldr: Shulgin, morale Green, experience 4.

2nd Plt 1st Section: Leader Zimkov, morale Green, experience 0.

2nd Plt 2nd Section: Leader Bogrov, morale Green, experience 5.

2nd Plt 3rd Section: Leader Letov, morale Green, experience 4.

3rd Plt Ldr: Tokarev, morale Green, experience 4.

3rd Plt 1st Section: Leader Milyokhin, morale Green, experience 4.

3rd Plt 2nd Section: Leader Perov, morale Green, experience 4.

3rd Plt 3rd Section: Leader Slobozhanin, morale Green, experience 4.


The Rapid Fire Reloaded rules worked really well.  There was only one gap on whether the Panzerfaust could fire on infantry (it has 4xd6 HE).  I don’t normally and checking the Rapid Fire rules they can only be fired on infantry in hard cover.

The Russian MMG never got line of sight to any unit to participate.  In hindsight they should have setup with the ATguns.

After playing this game, I dug out my own rules from 2014 that were a streamlined version of Take Cover!! (a Rapid Fire clone). They play very similar to Rapid Fire Reloaded. There are a few things in there that I may add to my games, mainly just to help playing solo.  The first thing I added in 2014 was a simple card deck where red = one side, black the other and when drawing a colour you activated a unit on that side.  The uncertainty helps when playing solo.  May do that for the next game.  The only other thing could be a -1 die modifier penalty for infantry moving and firing.


  1. A nice game Shaun and certainly a comprehensive Soviet victory. I think using the cards to decide activation is a wise move when playing solo, or even with a gaming chum. Keep up the good work:)

    1. Thank Steve. I miss random activation for solo play too much and so will be using it for the next game :-)

  2. Nice Batrep. This makes 6mm infantry tempting...

    Following up on your comments over on my blog, I'm torn between 10mm and 6mm. I prefer the greater detail at 10mm, but making terrain seems easier at 6mm (or is it?). And I'm going to need that 6mm terrain for my microarmor games anyways. Decisions...

    1. Thanks.

      You have an interesting dilemma. !0mm is so nice. I do not think 10mm terrain would be any harder than 6mm. Mine is mostly homemade but I did it quickly to get a game in about 2014 but have never really updated it! It you have both 6mm and 10mm then you have a tough decision. But focus! Super Force and TTT first :-)

  3. A very nice little game. Great report too.