Saturday, 24 February 2018

2018-2021 plans (will make into a permanent page later))

Short introduction
For something not usual for this blog, a discussion rather than rule reviews or battle reports.  I discuss how to potentially improve my wargaming mojo by listing my possible projects for the next few years.

In November 2017 I was losing my interest in playing wargames, possibly as my focus in my gaming had spread across so many projects and I was lost at sea. So why not list my gaming interests and what I feel I should be investing my time in for the next few years?  It is based on what I have really enjoyed over the last few years.  I will copy this into a blog page in a few weeks so I easily remember where it is :-) and will update in sometime in 2019/2020 to see how much has changed.

It is more of a list of things to help me choose projects from for the next two to three years rather than a small defined target.  The ones that I am most keen on are listed as priority; the secondary are those I would like to fit in but in reality are not likely.  And based on past experience, there is a good chance of something new or re-prioritisation!

I played 20mm WW2 in the mid-late 80's. I dabbled in Ancients in the 90's but mostly played a lot of boardgames, mostly multiplayer affairs.  In the 2000’s the games were limited to a few games a year of Armati 2 or 20mm WW2 using various rules (mostly Take Cover!! , a Rapid Fire-ish clone).  In 2009 I began this blog to get more familiar with various ancient rules by replaying the same battles with different rules.  The games played since have expanded. I am at the point in 2018 where I feel my gaming mojo is in need of repair - I have lots of potential projects that I already have minis or kit for but not that much time.  Taking stock for a main focus may help bring the mojo back.  Not saying I will not detour and sideline from this, but at least having it written down I have more of a chance of concentrating on the things I found I like.   I also have some 10+ AARs lined up to to post that are in various stages of completion. And three games half played. This is also preying on my mind and possibly also contributing to mojo loss.  A focus for the first half of 2018 will be finishing them off and then trying to not let potential posts bank up so much. I am also hoping to cut down on spending as I do not have to buy anything (or at least not much) to play from this list. Being a realist I do know that the "Ooh, shiny!" will still "force" me to spend my cash occasionally and  detour from anything I have written down :-)

  • I bought the book "As Told in the Great Hall" about 4 years ago.  I have wanted to play the 14 or so British early Medieval scenarios within.
  • I would like to complete basing some 200 or so 15mm Chinese and Dark Ages figures I acquired in 2012; and finish fixing up some other figures that need some maintenance.
  •  Play Bill Banks Imperator again and revisit the 8x8 grid rules but expand to 12x8.
  • Finish off the WW2x2 Section Advance rules, put them on the blog and play a few more games.
  • IABSM.  I have lots of cards I made for IABSM (I Ain't' Been Shot Mum) in 2002-ish and I believe I could simply use my WW2x2 Company Advance combat mechanisms to replace the ones in IABSM and leave everything else the same in IABSM. I was never happy with combat but loved everything else.  Then I could play some IABSM scenarios without having to convert them.
  • The ww3x4 games  (WW2 on a 3x4 grid) were fun and could possibly see another outing.
  • Maybe even play some 6mm games with different rules. Maybe.
  • I have a whole lot of Heroscape and could reuse the figures to play some fantasy skirmish along the lines of Songs of Blades and Heroes, Melee, Open Combat, Sellswords and Spellsingers  or something similar.  Something co-op.  Or just play Heroscape.
  • I have written some rules that take the Pulp Alley concept (mostly the cards) and used a simplified GoalSystem (Chaos in Cairo) task resolution system for a combat-light solo pulp game.  Suitable to play out the Pulp Alley campaigns.  I need to dig these out and give them a run with the children.
  • Continue playing solo the Traveller Adventures using my solo adventure framework.
  • Find some simple rules that are suitable to play with a small number of ships.  Vector movement would be good. Order systems not so good. Starfire is probably out, but Full Thrust, Engage!, Shooting Stars, Call to Arms come to mind and could be good.  I have quite a few more SF spaceship rules and just need to go back and go through them looking for something that appeals.
  • Play more of the ones I already have with the children.  I have two children (9 and 11 as at Feb 2018) and we play together so the games have to be good for three people and generally co-op games, although my daughter does love to thrash us at Love Letter Adventure time! There is a list of about 20 Euro, AmeriTrash, mini/boardgame crossovers and card games we have played over the last 5 or so years.. I hope to play them some more and see which ones are keepers and which are not. Currently on the list (either have played in the past or ready to play) are Betrayal at House on the Hill, Zombicide, Forbidden Island, Warhammer Quest, Cluedo, Space Crusade, X-Wing Miniatures, Thunderbirds!, Wings of War, Star Fluxx, Battlestations!, 221b Baker Street, Love Letter Adventure Time, Sushi Go, Ghooosts! and Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters.  There are more I can't remember :-)  And some more I would like to buy (such as Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan). Plus three Kickstarters I backed in 2017 on track to deliver in 2018.
  • Play some of the smaller “old school” boardgames I have but have never played.
  • Find a fairly good short solo game I like playing. Dungeon Roll is not bad but a bit generic;  Tiny Epic Galaxy is fun but does not quite cut it.  I have a list of about 6 to try.
Side projects
Let's call these tertiary.  They may happen but more unlikely than the secondaries above.
  • More Machinas
  • Revisit Solo Sword and the Stars-type star system game (blog posts to still be written).
  • Complete development of a solo Sargon II Mesopotamia ruler type boardgame (I think this is the last of my 20 years+ projects that I have not managed to do something with in the last 5 years)
  • Revisit Medieval Naval Warfare rules and play a few games.
Things not really on the list for the next few years (but you never know)
  • Most of my boardgames I do not have the space to set them and leave them in place so unlikely they will see daylight.
  • Cold war miniatures – I have 6mm miniatures but not a priority.
  • Solo story writing – the SFRPG solo adventuring framework morphed into story creator that was interesting but requires a bit of time investment to do.
  • Mass fantasy battles – I have been given quite a few unpainted Warhammer figures but have done nothing with them.
  • Starfire – I have a few undocumented AARs of playing Starfire with miniatures but it was not as exciting as I was expecting.
  • Some CCGs – I have Illuminati New World Order and Star Trek TOS but unlikely this will see any play soon.
  • I have some 20mm WW2 vehicles that need painting that I am unlikely to get around to doing.  I have some 20mm WW2 vehicles that need to be built - even more unlikely to occur.
  • I have some 6mm Napoleonic Brits that need painting and while I would like to try out some Napoleonics, I cannot see that happening in the next few years.
  • I have about 40 15mm SF figures (old Ral Partha), about 12 painted.  I am ready to play some SF skirmish using something like Five Parsecs from Home.
Final word
So, there you have it - everything I would like to do and loosely prioritised. I will try and check back on this list later in the year and in future years to see if it helped with my mojo.  Also to see how I went to then determine my wargamer butterfly rating :-)


  1. Priorities change. Me, I keep rotating though always go back to 'core' interests. So, Ancients it rotates around Achaemenids, Greeks, assorted Macedonian types, Assyrians and Egyptians. Just more or less finished an Achaemenid phase. But then there are 'fads' - Newhaven/pulp a year ago, currerntly I'm on a Great War in England 1897 thing with 42mm toy soldier figures. And that's the point - lots of different threads but one main hobby.

    You're just between threads...

    1. Thanks Rob, I get where you are coming from. I guess in the last 5 years I have added more projects than rotations! So the list to to get a bit closer to rotating, rather than ever expanding.

  2. Shaun, good idea to forecast over the next few years as that spread just makes fitting in those projects more likely. The problem with just I year forecasts is that it can be tough to even complete one project in that time and that can then feel like a fail.

    1. Hello Norm,

      Yes, I tend to shy away from New Year's resolutions, partly as they are hard and feel bad when they don'y happen. But I do like lists without being too specific on timeframes. So, as you say, by listing some stuff for 2-3 years there is a good chance a fair amount of it actually happens, without as much pressure with a 12 month list.

  3. I know where you are coming from, Shaun! Good idea to spend a bit of time reorganizing your thoughts and projects and figuring out how to proceed. You can always change your mind, but it makes you feel a bit more in charge of the whole process!


    1. Thanks Aaron,

      Yes, I am hoping that just by writing it down, I can get a bit of control back. And realising it can change and it is not set in stone should lessen the pressure (=stress) to stick with what is written the listings. It may even work!

  4. Hi Shaun, sounds like a lot of priorities��

    Myself, I’ve just started to read ADLG some more and am trying to find local players or clubs.
    After a bit of a layoff myself, we bought Zombicide at Xmas and have played that, also me n Mary have been playing Magic:The Gathering regularly and loving that.
    Going to drag my 28mm Carthaginians out of their box and start building them too.
    Seems like ages ago when we last played Triumph!��

    Cheers Andy

    1. Hello Andy, I may not do all the priorities :-) And FTF games override all of these priorities anyway! It has been ages - I sent you a text.