Saturday, 24 December 2016

6x6 challenge for 2017

Kaptain Kobold of The Stronghold Rebuilt has suggested a 6x6 challenge based on the boardgamegeek 10x10 challenge.  Play 6 tabletop games 6 times in 2017 and post the game reports (the level of detail up to you).  More details are at this blog post.

I generally only play about, 30 games a year.  Of these only two I think I have played more than 6 times in one year! 36, and 6 of 6 games, will definitely be a challenge. The choice of 6 games to play is fairly easy for the first few, and gets harder after number 2.

Game 1 - Ancient Battlelines Clash
This one should be easy to meet. I am likely to play at least 6 games using my own ancient rules.  i think I have played about 150 games with this rules over the last four years.  I am also slowly chronologically working my way through the Peter Sides historical scenarios.  I am up to number 30 with about 150 to go.

Game 2- Advance to cover
The second choice is also fairly easy as I was aiming to play four or so games to playtest  my own WW2 rules.  Six may be a stretch but will see how I go.

And now it gets hard. I tend to dabble in other rules for Ancients and WW2 and dip into other periods with only 1-2 games a year.  Luckily the rules around game selection are quite loose - while good to choose up front, they do not have to be, and can change during the year.

Game 3 - Field Commander:Alexander
I bought this when it first came out.  I used to play lots of boardgames in the 90s and keep meaning to get back to them.  But I haven't.  The challenge will be the opportunity to get this out and actually play it.  It has god a lot of good reviews.  There are four scenarios that link together into the campaign.  So two campaigns will be 8 games.

Game 4 - Full Thrust
I have always wanted to play Full Thrust but was in a figure gaming hiatus when it was big.  I still really want to play it.  I bought some painted Firestorm Amanda figures to play some Full Thrust but ended up playing a bit of Starfire instead (as I was familiar with it).  The spaceships have seen only 3 outings since I got them about three years ago and they should get out more.   I know Full Thrust is still played.  I know there may be better rules out there.  Bit I missed out 20 years ago so want to give it a go!  However, this is one that has a good chance of changing as the year goes on.

Game 5- Fall of Rome (original 1973 edition)
I played this a little but when it came out and really liked it.  I got it out and set it up about 6 months to get back into it but have played other games instead.  There are 7 scenarios covering different periods (no campaign).  I am hoping not to change this one as with this and field Commander, I feel like I am actually playing a few of the boardgames that are gathering dust in the cupboard.

Game 6 - ???
I have a few games that I may manage to squeeze in 6 of that I may be playing with the children (8yo and 10 yo), a few I would like to play, a few that I may play with some friends.  The short list of possibles may also end up replacing one or more of the game above.  However, none of these games I can see getting in more than a couple in one year - it will definitely be a stretch to get to six :-( Games include: Warhammer Quest, Retro, X wing, Wings of War, Zombicide, Space Crusade, UpFront.  There are likely others and it is quite possible  (hopefully!) something else crops up that I play 6 times.  Game 6 is definitely one I have no plan for....but...also to add to this list are two games that I have not played much, are good fun and are quite quick.  They could be standbys to get 6 games of something: Tiny Epic Galaxies and Dungeon Roll.

So one definite, one highly likely, three possibles and an unknown.  Well, it is called a challenge for a reason!


  1. 6 x 6 is a hard call, 36 years games in a year is probably a max for many and it doesn't leave any scope to suddenly start playing a new purchase or new interest.

    I wonder is it possible to have the 6th category as a sort of miscellaneous to allow for that.

    Field commander is a good call and has the footprint to be left out over more than 1 gaming session.

    x-wing might be more of a cert as the kids might press you for a game his year.

  2. It definitely does not leave much scope for me...but then if I do not make it, I will just continue on into 2018 to finish it off :-)

    Everything that I may end up playing solo (Ancients, WW2, Field Commander, Fall of rome, Retro, Up Front), with the exception of Full Thrust, can fit into the map drawers where I can setup at least 4-5 games at a time. In fact, when I bought Field Commander: Alexander, one of the pluses was it would fit into one of my map drawers!

    You are allow to change your mind throughout the year on the games, but playing 6 of one after playing a few of another will make it hard.

    I am hoping Xwing is a cert too! It is the one I think is the most likely I will end up playing at least 6 times with the children. But there are others I have not listed that may make it e.g. Betrayal at the House on the Hill I have but not played yet with them.

  3. It wouldn't be a challenge if it wasn't difficult :)

    I'm assuming that people won't necessarily make even the 36 games, but I hope everyone has fun trying. Even fewer than 36 games is better than none :)

    1. When i read the 10x10 challenge on boardgamegeek I thought it did sound inteesting. And then I thought, hang on, I have played more than 10 games of some boardgames, but probably never played more than 10 games with 10 different boardgames in my life. And the investment in time! So I let it go. If I was being realistic, your challenge is also achievable for me, but I have a chance. Regardless, it should get me to play, at the very least, a couple of games with rules I have wanted to play.

  4. Good luck with the 6x6 challenge. I'm impressed you manage 30 games a year, I'm lucky to make half a dozen but I am hoping the incentive will be there to get close(-ish) to the target. At the very least it's nice to be able to blow the dust off some old favourites.

    1. 90% of those 30 games are solo and using rules that have a game finishing in an hour so not as impressive as it may seem.

      And good luck on your 6x6 - if you only play 1/2 dozen or so, you definitely have set yourself a bigger challenge than me!

  5. This 6x6 challenge seems interesting! I might try it too (as motivation to get back go miniature gaming.)

    1. Welcome to the challenge! I am with you in that even if I don't make it to 6x6, it will be enough to just get part way and get some of those rules out and played.