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Battle of Paraitakene 317BC using Ancient Battlelines Clash

This is game 25 in play testing my ancient rules by replaying historical battles.  The latest version of ‘Ancient Battlelines Clash’ is on its own blog page. I am play testing the rules by replaying all the Peter Sides scenarios from his Historical Battles books.  ABC is designed to finish in under an hour on a 2'x2' table.

Battle of Paraitakene
In the saga of the Successor Wars, Eumenes confronts Antigonos One-Eye in Media. This was the first of two indecisive battles (the second being Gabiene) between these two Diadochi.

There is not much on the internet on this battle but here is the link to Wikipedia:

Wikipedia article

I also used Lost Battles (Sabin)

Scenario changes
Reduced by about a third the troops due to my smaller sized table. I roughly halved the Spear or pike units as the scenario units are for DBx that assumes in this case that the units will be rear supported, not the case with my rules.  I also moved one Antigonos heavy cavalry from his right flank to the left - more like the Lost Battles setup.  In the battle, this flank was able to defeat its opposition, and so needs the bolstering.



3 Phalangites, battle infantry, phalanx
1 Hoplite, battle infantry, phalanx, some protection
1 Light Infantry, aux infantry
4 Psiloi, skirmish infantry, short missile
1 Companions, aux cavalry, high fortitude, disciplined
2 Heavy Cavalry, aux cavalry
2 Light Cavalry, skirmish cavalry, short missile
1 Elephant, elephant
1 General (+1 ability) with Companions

Breakpoint: 10


2 Phalangites, battle infantry, phalanx
1 Silver Shields, battle infantry, phalanx, high fortitude, drilled
8 Psiloi, skirmish infantry, short missile
1 Elite cavalry, aux cavalry, high fortitude, disciplined
1 Heavy Cavalry, aux cavalry
2 Light Cavalry, skirmish cavalry, short missile
2 Elephants, elephant
1 General  (+1 ability) with Guards

Breakpoint: 8



Eumenes on the left with a large elephant/skirmish line in front; Antigonos on the right with a fairly typical successor setup.
The Game
Antigonos advances all units but the companions and associated heavy cavalry. Eumenes responds by advancing skirmish/elephant line, pike centre and the Heavy cavalry on his right flank.

Antigonos right flank skirmishers charge Eumenes elephant and skirmish support.  The  Eumenes elephant reacts and charges through the Antigonos screen (bad rolls).

Eumenes left flank elephant smashes through the opposing Antigonos skirmishers. 
Antigonos left flank charges in and good die rolls sees disorders all round.

Antigonos left flank and Eumenes right flank cavalry clash and remain in melee.
One Antigonos light cavalry goes around the flank.  Eumenes destroys a enemy opposing Heavy cavalry.

An Antigonos light cavalry unit manages to go around the flank.  but an Antigonos heavy cavalry is routed after facing Eumenes and his Companions  
Eumenes elephants charges hoplites - both disordered (no picutre for this); Antigonos right flank advances and sees Eumenes lose two skirmishers.  The Eumenes left flank is fairly open.

Eumenes left flank on the left of the picture.  Not much - a lone skirmisher bottom right is the flank!  The elephant at the right centre is too far advanced to protect the flank..

Antigonos himself runs from the oncoming elephant on the left flank.  On the Antigonos left flank, the flanking light cavalry charges the flank of one of Eumenes heavy cavalry for no effect.  In the centre, a Eumenes elephant tears through the hoplites (excellent die roll).  Eumenes has effectively taken control of his right flank (Antigonos's left one)
At the top, an Eumenes elephant charges through the enemy hoplite line.  Bottom left sees a Antigonos light cavalry charge the flank of an opposing heavy cavalry for no effect.  Eumenes controls his right flank.
Phalanxes clash. Unluckily - a 1 in 36 chance - a Eumenes hoplite unit is routed by an opposing phalangite unit.

Top left - Antigonos pike unit rout an opposing hoplite unit.
Antigonos sees a gap on the right flank and races into the gap to hit the flank of the battleline.

Antigonos and Guard cavalry in centre.  Found the gap on his right flank and charges through it towards the infantry battleline.
Another Antigonos phalanx unit gone.  Eumenes is moving on his right flank and the Eumenes' elephant are circling into the centre.  Antigonos is racing to flank the infantry battleline.  It is a close game to see who can rout the other side first. Antigonos hits the infantry battleline in the flank.

Antigonos and Guards hit the flank of the Eumenes phalanx.
First unit is gone.  Antigonos continues to charge. Second unit gone.

Antigonos and Guards have routed two opposing phalanxes.
The Eumenes breakpoint reached and game over for Eumenes.

End game. Fairly scattered forces..

Hard to give a verdict for this game - I wrote this up one year after playing it!  I had completely forgotten I had played this, taken pictures and written game notes. Until I went to get ready to play it and work out the units and discovered the draft blog post had played game notes in it and a folder had pictures in it.  So I cannot tell you whether I enjoyed this game or not, other than I've enjoyed every other game with my rules, so I am bound to have enjoyed this one!  The game does seem to have gone fast and be fairly intense, so the rules are working as designed. 

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