Saturday, 25 June 2016

WW2 20mm Skirmish game Normandy 28 June 01

This is a game to test out my revised rules for 20mm WW2 skirmish.

I am using my streamlined and very modified version of my rules based loosely on NUTS!.  I am using 20mm figures on a 2'x2' table and with a ground scale of 1:300. The terrain generation is from Platoon Forward and  random events are based on Patrol:WW2. Comic is dome with Comic Life 3 software

I am loosely basing the these skirmishes on the journey of the British 7th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment of the 43rd (Wessex) Division in 1944.
This is a section action that is part of a larger company action to clear a section of farmland.
Note that previous reports (three at the time of writing) were based on one section during 28-30 June 1944 saw many patrols and a few German stragglers captured.  This is not that section.

The British Section
The following is the attacking British nine-strong section:

L corp
-1 to be spotted
can run and shoot
-1 to shoot
Count as regular for activation

Table and deployment
I randomised the terrain for the table.  British enter on one side.

Note, the trees will keep moving, not because they are really Ents but I am playing the the map drawer and the trees are higher than the drawer.  I close it between game sessions and so the trees get set up each time.
The pig, chickens and cow are the 3 unknown forces deployed on the table at the start (aka PEFs in NUTS!)

The British need to clear the enemy from the table.


Previous skirmish games were written up using Comic Life but I had no an intention to continue this  - due to lack of time - when I decided to play the game,  I then started the writeup and could not help it! I really like the Comic style for these skirmish games.

The rules gave a fast and surprising game, which is what you want in the solo game.  I was shocked that the British lost so many soldiers - in the last few games I had only lost a few, and this one game I lose more than the previous three games put together!  I think I must have just been lucky those last few games.  It also did not help losing the Bren so early on.  A tiny bit of tweaking to the rules was all that was required during the game. At the moment they are just a two pages - a one page QRS and one page of reminders on how some things work! I may just have to play again.


  1. Shaun,

    Great report buddy, thanks for posting, and it's great to see you back in action. Rather coincidentally, I played a very similar fight last weekend (still working on the batrep).

    I still love the comic book style batreps, very cool, but what the hell is 'pup turrr'??? You need to work on your comic book sound effects ;)

    You had me cracking up with the spotting exercises and the animals (not to mention leaving Panda John a bit hot and bothered), but I have one question: what happened to the German MG-42 gunner? The MG-42 knocked out the Bren team, then the German a-gunner was hit and the gunner fell back into a crater. Then the Brits got distracted by the chickens and cow-Germans, but I never saw the German machine gunner again.

    In any case, a rough and tough fight, with the Germans barely holding on and lots of casualties to deal with. Can't wait for the next one.


  2. On the sound for the MG34: I did search mt previous reports to see what sound I had used but had not. I then searched the internet for about 20 minutes before I gave up. MG34 have a sound of ripping cloth but could not figure out how to write that down. I do remember reading the sound description actually written down in one of the WW2 autobiographies I read last year and skimmed a few of them but do you think I could find it? No. I eventually found one reference "Brp Turrrr" so went with that :-) After nearly 40 minutes looking for a sound description, I thought it was time to move on :-)

    I checked my notes and the the MG34 gunner was actually killed when the second team moved up, just before the chicken spotting. I did not have a picture, so did not include it. Well spotted and at least you have proved you read the report!

    Don't hold your breadth for the next one, this one follows a year after my last one! But I do have some larger 20mm company fights coming, and maybe some 6mm company as well.