Friday, 4 September 2015

Cold War 1986 British Vs Pact second game (using Tank Wreck)

I had not played with some 6mm British Cold War stuff since 1981. I acquires some enemies and in August 2015 pushed the figures around, and wrote about it as this blog post.  It was so much fun, I set up another scenario to play.  The TankWreck! rules worked for my first outing so will use them here again.

I will be playing on my small board and convert inches to cm.

For my first game, I heavily modified the  first scenario in the Force on Force First Clash - a Cold War Gone Hot Campaign (I downloaded a copy via the Guild).  I will heavily modify the second one for this game. I changed Canadian to British and upscaled the infantry. There was possibly a little too much infantry on the table last scenario so will reduce it slightly for this one.

A force of British infantry and armour guard a village and a ridge. The  Soviet armour and mech infantry objective is to take the village and hill in ten turns. Victory points are obtained by causing casualties and taking objectives.

Table.  Soviets enter on the road on the right, British deployed around the village.

Soviets (start offboard)

Soviet forces
4 T-80s
4 BTR80 each with infantry stands (in one company)
BRDM2 artillery observer
2 offboard heavy mortars

British forces
(in village)
6 infantry stands (in two companies)
4 FV432 (part of above companies)
2 FVV432 with Wombat (part of above companies)
Landrover with artillery observer stand
2 Chieftains (one company)
(reinforcements on beginning of turn when d10 less than or equal to turn number)
2 Chieftains (one company)
2 offboard 81mm mortars

All British unit are in or around the village. Artillery will be placed at the edge of each respective edge but is only there so I remember about it!  They are really both offboard.  There is a minefield on either side of the road at Soviet entry, and also there is supposed to be a railway track bisecting the table after the minefield.  I will just play that no units may stray off the road prior to the crops.

The British deployed in the village.  Bases behind houses are actaully inside the houses
The T80s move on.  A Chieftain takes a shot and suppresses the lead T80. Action on turn 1 - excellent!

Turn 1 and the lead T80 is suppressed.
Turn 2 and all the forces are on and in the field.

Soviets move off the road into the field
A Chieftain destroys a BTR80 on the road. The carried infantry is also destroyed (there is a die roll for this that they failed). The other Chieftain suppresses the lead T80 in the field.

The BTR-80 that was still on the road is destroyed (and a T80 supprressed.
Russian artillery shells the large village and suppresses an infantry and two FV432s; the subsequent morale check sees all the company suppressed.

Village under artillery fire (the dark brown paper cutouts are supposed to indicate this)
The BTRs dash to the village and the infantry dismount.  With some lucky rolls the Soviet infantry and BTR autocannons destroy two British infantry units!  This company is subsequently broken in their morale check. In the following turn , the retreating British infantry fail another morale check and rout off the table.

The Sovires dismount to attack the village defenders and lucky rolls see 2 British defenders destroyed. They subsequently retreat and rout.
The Chieftains realise the village is unsafe and retire to the hill. The T80s fire but only suppress one, the other suppressed in the subsequent morale check. By now you would realise the morale check is one of the key mechanisms in the game.  And it says so in the rules too!

The chieftains retire from the village to the rear hill.
The T80 suppresses a Chieftain again. The British infantry loads into FV432 and retreats. Russian infantry load up into BTRs. Russian artillery suppresses some infantry in the other part of the village and all are suppressed by a failing morale check,

The other village is under Soviet artillery fire, ready for a Soviet attack.
It is now turn 6.  The British win initiative and activate the village company and remove suppression before further enemy fire can break them more easily.  The BTRs race for the other half of the village and the Soviet infantry disembark and destroy one infantry.

...which is shown here.
The tanks trade shots for no effect and the Chieftain re-reinforcements arrive.

The Chieftain reinforcements arrive!
T80s race forwards on their left flank and a Chieftain is destroyed. In the village, the Soviets are suppressed.  A British infantry base is destroyed and they rout. One of the reinforcing Chieftains destroy a BTR.

The village is nearly in Soviet hands, destroying some British defenders and breaking the rest.
The T80s race ahead further and suppress a Chieftain. The broken British infantry bases race to the rear. The broken units fail their morale check and rout (with a 1- the same score the other infantry company rolled to rout!)  The Russian infantry consolidate their position in village (hiding from Chieftains!).
Second last turn and the T80s and Chieftains trade shots. One T80 suppressed, one chieftain KO. The British artillery failed to call in on the village. This happened a few times for the Brits where they failed to call in with excellent targets available.

Near the end, one Chieftain destroyed on the hill, villages are all under Soviet control.
Turn 10 - last turn - and all that occurs is a Chieftain destroys a T80.

End of game  another Chieftain gone, and a t-80 destroyed in retaliation..
Victory points
Soviet: 26
Brit: 16

A clear win for the Soviets.

Woo-hoo! loads of fun.  Had a plan for both sides and know the rules a lot better.  Great time. The mechanised Soviet infantry managed to overcome the British defenders as they always had both the infantry fire and the autocannon support from the BTRs while the British just had infantry, and poor dice.


  1. I'm enjoying this little series. I was in the mood for a new period so after reading your first one I got Force on just waiting for the minis to arrive! Thanks for the good idea.

    1. Glad to be of service! Cold War seems to be getting quite popular at the moment. I did not realise this until I started looking to acquire some Soviet opponents for my 35 year old Brits. I would like to think I was a trend setter, but it seems i am just following a trend I did not know about!