Friday, 15 August 2014

NUTS Comic WW2 battle report - North of Cheux Normandy Game 02

This is the second game in a short campaign following a British section post D-Day.  First game is here:  28 June Cheux Normandy Game 01 

I am using my streamlined version of the NUTS! rules and 20mm figures on a 2'x2' table and am halving all distances in the rules. The terrain generation is from Platoon Forward and the wound effects and random events are based on Patrol:WW2.  The writeup is using Comic Life.

I am loosely basing the campaign on the journey of the British 7th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment of the 43rd (Wessex) Division in 1944.  28-30 June 1944 saw many patrols and a few German stragglers captured.   

It is my second game with NUTS! and I have done some streamlining to the rules, mostly converting it to single d6 rolls but it is still mostly NUTS!.  First games was 5 soldiers, this time it is the whole section, well 8 of them as one died in the first game and another is recovering from his wounds.


Click on the picture for a larger image.

In NUTS! terms
A random reinforcement turns up just behind the LMG team.  Like the first game, the random placement put it right next to some British soldiers.  The LMG team gain the initiative from the In Sight test but miss.  The German LMG'er receives a light wound and goes prone while the assistant hunkers down (going prone).  Next activation the British charge and the LMG and assistant surrender.

For the other section members, once near the buildings, no PEF appears in either.
Box and others advance into the barn, resolving the PEF for in the barn, becomes 3 Germans.  The British win the in sight and the room is sprayed with SMG and rifle fire for a dead German and the other two duck back to behind the building.
The British then charge into melee with the 2 remaining Germans and win that too!
All of the three PEFs on the table at the start resolve to nothing.

Another fun game.  It is really interesting as you have no idea what you will come up against, nor how it will play out.  I think two things helped with no casualties for the British.  Firstly, the dice were with the Allies and so bad for the Germans.  And secondly, I fudged it when Box and the others stormed the barn.  I could just visualise them kicking down the door and firing the SMG into the room.  So that is what happened (the Germans did roll poor dice for whatever test would apply). but the damage and result was rolled for.

The game still took too long (just over 1.5 hours excluding setup but it does include taking about 100 photos and writing some notes).   Mostly it was looking up some rules clarifications on the tablet and also how PEFs moved.  I have created a cheat sheet for PEFs and random events and my recent third game (yet to be posted) was 1 hour excluding setup.  Getting faster!


  1. Very nice, a great looking Comic style report, very enjoyable!

  2. Thanks Phil! I think I have a few more comic style report in me before I go back to pictures and text.